Monday, October 18, 2010

Philadelphia .. Part Deux

I'm back! While trekking through the unforgettable and pristine Alaskan wilderness, I've managed to find my way back to the city of brotherly love. Despite much hesitation leaving one of my only true loves (Alaska that is), I came back to a different kind beauty - one full of bicycles, baking, and booze. All of which are very dear to my heart, and a life-style that upon my return, I was happy to be back in.

Things have finally settled back into place and cooking is in full swing. Living with two vegans, the wonderful Andrew and fellow Alaskan Lia, it's non-stop. I've never lived in a house with all vegan housemates before and I must say, it's quite the treat, literally and figuratively.

Fighting a cold for a few days now, tonight I felt I needed some soup. What kind of soup? Ahhh, Creamy Tomato ... and we all know that nothing goes better with Tom Soup than Grilled Cheeze.

Creamy Tomato Soup from Veganomicon Whole Wheat Grilled Cheeze with Daiya 

Also, nothing comforts a cold like cups upon cups of hot tea. Tonight's was a homemade tea from the wonderful Alison Giese served in her homemade mug! This girl knows how to send a care package.

Ali's homemade concoction, Earl Grey Goodness: Earl Grey, lavender, roses, cardamom, and lots and lots of love!

***Baking Update - Andrew and myself have started a side baking business "South Philadelphia Vegan Baking Society" check out our goods at Grindcore House the latest (and may I add greatest ) 100% vegan coffee house. Rad art, comfy couch, friendly atmosphere, sweet treats, great joe and my favorite part (as if it gets better) the array of creamers! Not just soy milk folks, go out on a limb and try coconut creamer, or almond milk, or rice milk ... they have it all.

Stay tuned. This chapter is going to be pretty great, more baking, cooking, and vegan sharing to come!